“It is what you read when you don’t have to, that determines what you will be when you can’t help it.” ― Oscar Wilde


Are you looking for a good way to improve your skills and get ahead in Real Estate? When it comes to being successful, constantly learning and continually working on personal growth sure plays a big role.

Believe it or not, but reading a (good) book is one of the easiest, quickest and probably cheapest ways to learn. It doesn’t require a classroom, a professor or expensive tuition. All you need is the right book, your favorite beverage and a quiet place to read.

With so many books currently flooding the internet, it’s also important to read the right books. And that is why we compiled the TOP 5 MUST READ books for Real Estate Agents! If one of your goals is to be successful this year, make sure these books are on your list.


1. Your First Year in Real Estate by Dirk Zeller

Loomlogic - Your First Year In Read Estate   Your Success in Real Estate Will Depend on These 5 Books Your First Year In Read Estate Must Read

Your first year in real estate is the most important year as it could set the tone for your career in the future. Setting the right foundation in your business and gaining the necessary tools to succeed kindly refer some best property inspections sites, like what all the property should have, how it will attract. Based on your foundation your business will get succeed very soon.

Real Estate expert Dirk Zeller touches on how to select the right company, develop client and mentor relationships, leverage digital and social media in order to stay ahead, setting proper career goals, mastering sales and much more.


2. The Millionaire Real Estate Agent by Gary Keller

Loomlogic - The Millionaire Real Estate Agent  Your Success in Real Estate Will Depend on These 5 Books The Millionaire Real Estate Agent Must Read

Have you ever wonder what it would take for you to run a million-dollar business? This book covers exactly that. We like to think of this piece of art as a classic in Real Estate!

In this book, author Gary Keller breaks down the 6 myths that prevent you from reaching high achievements in real estate, and the 4 stages that will bring you to a millionaire status. Focusing on both the professional as well as the personal side of things, this book will cultivate and develop the skills you need to grow your business to maximum success.


3. How to Make it Big as a Real Estate Agent by Mark Ferguson

Loomlogic - How to Make it Big as a Real Estate Agent  Your Success in Real Estate Will Depend on These 5 Books How to Make it Big as a Real Estate Agent Must Read

What many people don’t realize about Real Estate is that it isn’t just about having a regular job. Being an agent is more about building up your own personal business. In this book, Mark Ferguson opens up and shares about his 15 years of experience in real estate, and how he managed to rise to the top.

He breaks down how much money real estate agents can really make and how much work an agent will have to do. Let Mark teach you how to avoid the most common mistakes and where to invest your time to help you succeed. We promise you that reading this book is equivalent to sitting down and having a conversation with Mark.


4. Sell with Soul by Jennifer Allan

Loomlogic - Sell with Soul Creating an Extraordinary Career in Real Estate   Your Success in Real Estate Will Depend on These 5 Books Sell with Soul Creating an Extraordinary Career in Real Estate Must Read

The reason we love this one is because Jennifer Allan shows us that you can be successful and still have “soul” – that is, be an honorable, respectful person in real estate. She talks about building your business by selling with integrity in order to stay true to oneself, and still make it enjoyable.

This is a perfect book for new agents, but is also great for experienced agents looking for a fresh approach. We know you’ll love her very practical, doable and down to earth approach and her willingness and openness to share her own journey.


5. Inside Sales Predictability by Michael Reese

Loomlogic - Inside Sales Predictability   Your Success in Real Estate Will Depend on These 5 Books Inside Sales Predictability Must Read Real Estate

Now this last book we picked is perfect for everyone who wants to build their own team in real estate. There will come a point in your real estate business when you start to get so busy it begins to wear you out. Although being busy may be a good problem to have, it could quickly lead to disaster if the busyness begins to hinder your productivity. If you want to handle the situation in the right way, your next step is to grow your own team.

A well-defined structure is essential for a team’s success. The goal of a successful team is to do more business. When you have an efficient, reliable and well-organized team, you will generally close more deals than as an individual agent.

In his book, Michael Reese talks about just that. You can count on this book to give you the steps on how to build and scale your inside sales department. He covers topics like how to create leverage, how to make sure you hire and train the right people, and how to create a predictable pipeline for your entire team’s future.


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