Regarding digital marketing trends, 2015 has shaped up to be a big year for new tech releases, social network modifications, and search engine optimization (SEO) updates. We’ve compiled a list of the most pertinent marketing trends in 2015 you ought to know about, and the tactics, outlets, and apps you should take advantage of.


As named by the marketing community at-large, this search algorithm update from The Great and Almighty Google has scared many professionals who feared their websites would take a hit in search engine results pages (SERPs) due to a lack of mobile-friendly features and design. It Is more important now than ever to make sure your company and the platform CRM (Customer Relationship Managment) are mobile friendly.

Social Media Craze! For small real estate teams, you don’t have to go crazy with top-of-the-line content. Successful businesses interact with their customers and use social media to build brand awareness. Attract specific clients because they resonate with specific audiences. By sharing more than listings, you can create an audience that spreads the word for you. Save money and time by social advertising. Think about who you are talking to when sharing on social media. What you say and share will be different if your audience is Millennial home buyers vs baby-boomer home sellers. The audience will dictate the content you share. Your business core values will determine how you say it and how you share. 2015 has been a big year for all social media advertising, not just Facebook and Twitter. Many agents have made Instagram accounts to better connect with the millennial crowds. Expect this trend to gain more traction and be at the forefront of branding and advertising. 3D Scans! If you think you’ve got the video thing down and want to get fancy, 3D scanning cameras will take your digital home tours to a whole new level. Instead of being limited to only turning left or right, 3D scans let you see left, right, up and down as if you were there, walking through the home. In a recent study, 21% of home buyers in 2015 said they made an offer on a home without ever having seen it in person. That’s a testimate of the proliferation of online listings, mobile apps and the 3D tours. To the Cloud!  Very few real estate professionals sit behind their desk all day—and even if they do, in this day and age, they need access to key business data wherever they are. When your data is stored in a cloud-based CRM you are able to quickly grab the data from anywhere and work efficiently to close that next deal, you can get a feel of how this works at Being able to access the company’s data and see where deals stand enable management and employees alike to offer coaching and gain visibility into whether each deal is being given the attention it demands. Video!  Create stunning videos that will attract potential buyers. Having a webinar available for your clients will go a long way in building trust with them. Whether it be an informative short video about you and your company or a live group webinar for past clients giving them incentives for referrals, videos are becoming more and more popular among the social media following. Implementing this into your social media presence will allow clients see you as the expert. And always remember trends come and go, so stick with the basics while you try out these new ideas. Technologies like real estate CRM that allow you to consolidate your database, manage your transactions, and store data in the cloud, and tools that let you do everything from signing documents online to creating and sending forms via the web help big time when it comes to organization and productivity.   Expect these trends to continue in the upcoming year. Check out sheds fredericksburg va thanks