Gone are the days when CRMs would be accessed by PC only. The modern CRM should be as accessible to you as a third arm. Think about it… a virtual third limb! Between laptops, PCs, tablets, and mobile devices, most people are never more than five feet away from some method of internet communication, and your CRM should be equally accessible across each of these technologies.

Make sure your CRM is cloud-based and mobile friendly, and ideally it should have a native application as well. Here’s why:


Sky’s The Limit

When considering where you are going to store all of your information, you must make sure you are saving everything to the cloud. This should happen automatically, and should require no work on your end. Have you ever misplaced a lead’s contact information, or changed a feature of your auto-responder on your phone, only to later realize it wasn’t saved?

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Huge face-palm. Not only do you risk losing a lead or transaction when this happens, but this can also knock your credibility and reputation as an agent. The stakes are huge! Don’t risk it. Make sure your CRM is cloud-based.

Full Access In Your Pocket

Just as a cloud-based CRM will provide you with security, a mobile friendly CRM will ensure you accessibility. You want things to be just as easy to do on your phone as it would be on your desktop or tablet. Imagine having access to all of the elements of your entire business, all in one app. That’s what your CRM should be doing for you! Also, a native application allows you to automatically sync your contact info, making the transition quick and easy.


Get Right To Work

Your CRM should be simple and intuitive to get started and begin using. If your CRM eats away at your working time with a lengthy set-up, then it is probably more hassle than it is worth. Remember, you are looking for a CRM that will help move you forward, not hold you back. Look for one that has functionalities that change automatically as you move your clients through the buyer’s process. This means that you will only receive prompts and be given choices to select that apply to you and your client at that particular moment. No overwhelming drop-down menus or features that do not apply to you. You can personalize and customize as your wish, giving you full control over your business. Bonus point for a CRM that takes user feedback into account.