These days, there are many tools available to real estate agents. The most successful agents are those who are able to make the best use of the most effective tools for their business.

Gone are the days when a strong understanding of the housing market, solid relationship skills, and countless hours of hard work would produce maximum results. While these qualities continue to make up a strong foundation for any real estate agent, they are simply not enough.

To be competitive in today’s market, every real estate agent needs a quality CRM. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology is the tool that each and every real estate agent needs in order to set up and maintain communication throughout the entire sales process with maximum results.

Here are the top 5 reasons why every real estate agent needs a CRM to remain competitive in 2016:


1. Lead Connections Simplified.

From the first interaction with each client, your communication will be documented and saved for future reference in your CRM. Regardless of the method of communication (email, text, phone calls etc.), you will be able to automatically respond through your CRM using fully customizable email templates and drip campaigns.


2. Your Time is Valuable. Make Every Action Count.

Every real estate agent is especially aware of the value of time. Putting your CRM to work for you will essentially add more hours to your day. A good CRM will allow you to manage communication, track website analytics, and even connect leads with lenders, all in one location. Streamlining all of these elements with your CRM will provide you with more time to personalize communication with your clients, which will in turn produce better results for you as an agent.


3. The Ultimate Personal Assistant.

The accountability and tracking features of a CRM will allow you to know how each of your lenders and agents are performing at all times. Get immediate feedback on how your team is performing. What’s working? Share that with the rest of your team. What’s not? Know what to change and how.


4. Get Organized, Once and For All.

Today’s clients have many ways in which to communicate with a real estate agent. Rather than keeping lists of reminders to maintain communication through various technologies, use your CRM to help you stay organized. Customize your CRM’s dashboard to easily view all inbound communication, and receive notifications about due dates and next steps. Never let your lack of organization get in the way of your success.


5. Every Feature You Need. None You Don’t. Period.

With the right CRM, you will be able to only use features that help you. Been frustrated in the past with CRMs that are too confusing or require too much manual input? No worries! With the right CRM for your business, you will have total control over the features of your CRM, and you can customize them as you go. A streamlined CRM takes very little time to learn, and should become second-nature to use in no time.