By this point in your real estate game, you are most likely familiar with the CRM concept. You might use one already, or be wondering if this is something that you need versus a trend that you could pass on.

Over the next few weeks, let’s explore some aspects of the CRM that should not be overlooked. To kick off this five-part series, here’s a deeper look at how a CRM will simplify connections with each and every one of your leads.


1. Your One-Stop Communication Shop.

Your CRM will automatically keep track of all of the communication that takes place between you and your leads. That phone call with Stacy that took place before your coffee kicked in yesterday? It’s there. That text message from Steve that your two-year-old deleted? It’s there. Want to track your top agent Eduardo’s phone messages to the leads that he receives? Those are there too.

Your CRM will safeguard your communication so that you never lose track of a lead again.


2. Automatic like your own robot. Personalized like your friend.

With features like auto-responders and drip campaigns, you can automatically let your leads know that you are there to help.  These features can be set up by both email and text, and can be customized to go out at just the right time. This customization allows you to get the right message out to each lead at their exact place in the qualifying process.

No one wants to read a generic sales email, but a personalized invitation to set up a sales consultation with you, or a notice of pre-approval along with what to expect next will actually benefit your clients and establish yourself as a reliable and trustworthy resource for them.


3. Drip Campaigns – Smart Lead Campaign.

If you are not using drip campaigns as a way of reaching out to your leads, it’s time to start. Like, yesterday. CRMs can help you create drip campaigns that will educate clients every step of the way. Get relevant information out to clients in the early stages of their home-buying journey, and let them know you are there to help. Communicate immediately with home-buyers the second their offer is accepted. Create automatic templates that go out at set times, making your job a whole lot easier. Also, each drip campaign will automatically start and stop according to each client’s place in the buying process, as you change their status in your CRM.