Organization and time management are key in real estate sales. Realtors these days have many things to keep track of on a daily basis. Occasionally things fall though the cracks. That is one of the reasons CRM (Customer Relationship Management) exists.

Here are 5 ways a real estate CRM will get you organized and ready for the next client.

1.Transaction and Lead Management

It can be quite easy to get overwhelmed when trying to stay organized on your own. Not having a CRM platform is a sure fire way to lose information, get confused over which lead is who, or just simply forgetting an email or follow up call. A real estate CRM makes managing all of your listings, buyer, seller, real estate leads and business-to-business refferal sources, quick and easy. At anytime you can see a complete overview of your transactions and manage your showings and third parties related to the lead.

It’s also nice to easily pull up contact details such as, purchase date, birthdays or even a social media account to simply stay in touch. You’ll never have to scramble to find your contacts information again and you’ll always know where your conversations left off with a lead.

2.Listing and Closing Activity Plans

A listing or closing activity plan is a series of tasks associated with a listing or closing. Once you assign a listing or closing Activity Plan, you get a reminder at different points in time to do one activity or another.. With these set up plans, you’ll never have to rely on memory to ensure each and every detail is executed, and done perfectly.

3.Keeping in Touch Management

You likely know the value that “keeping in touch” has on building a business based on referrals and repeat transactions. But you may be short on time, weighed down, and busy, which means that keeping in touch falls by the wayside.

A good real estate CRM will come with a Keep in Touch dashboard where you can plan and schedule recurring activities to stay in touch with your real estate sphere of influence (SOI). These activities can include a quarterly phone call, a cup of coffee, a happy birthday wish, a round of golf, a home expert seminar, or anything else. It only takes a few minutes to set up these activities and the system reminds you at the appropriate times.

4.Drip Marketing Campaigns

One great way to stay in touch and “top of mind” with your SOI is to assign your contacts to drip marketing campaigns. A drip marketing campaign is a series of emails that go out automatically at different times. There are drip programs for various types of leads as well as campaigns designed for past clients.

Drip email helps you to automate your real estate marketing so while you’re busy on the road showing homes, you’re marketing to hot leads at the same time! You’ll find drip programs created for you and loaded into your CRM.

5.Get to the cloud

Very few real estate professionals sit behind their desk all day and even if they do, in this day and age, they need access to key business data wherever they are. When your data is stored in a cloud-based CRM you are able to quickly grab the data from anywhere and work efficiently to close that next deal.

Having a system in place allows an agent to update a deal pipeline so the management team can gain crucial access to valuable data into quarterly forecasting and the potential deals that will move the revenue needle.

In conclusion: Organization comes in many forms. Having a reliable, fully integrated CRM will help you manage all the processes you and your team deals with on a daily and yearly basis. Keep all your information at your finger tips 24/7 and close more deals!