1. For Beginners:

 The Newbie’s Guide to Becoming a Savvy Real Estate Negotiator by @BiggerPockets

Build a solid foundation for your real estate business. The straightforward advice in this article combines strategic advice as well as psychological tips to keep in mind when negotiating a deal. Making sure you are approaching each offer with honesty and clear intentions will make yourself highly desirable to work with.


2. For Techies:

3 Brand Building Real Estate Apps You Need Now by @InmanConnect

Don’t get overwhelmed by the ever-growing number of real estate apps available to you. Here is a review of three of the best of the best: PowerAgent, Doorsteps, and Propy. Learn how these can benefit you as well as your homebuyers.


3. For Data Seekers:

NAHB Study Reveals the Housing Preferences of the Boomer Generation by @NAHBhome

This article breaks down the stats of the home buying preferences of not only the “Boomer Generation”, but all other generations as well. Get a quick, at a glance of the results of a comprehensive study conducted by the NAHB. Here you can also find information on purchasing the study, if you want to dive in deeper.


4. For Marketing:

The Agent’s Ultimate Guide to Real Estate Marketing and Tech Terms by @placester

This one’s a keeper… one you will want to revisit again and again. Make sure you and your team are on the same page when using marketing terms such as “A/B Testing”, “Drip Campaigns”, “Internet Data Exchange (IDX)”, and more. Get up to date with the latest marketing terminology, so that you are not in the dark when learning about the future of marketing for your real estate business.


5. For Fun:

Inside Look at the Homes and Mortgages of Famous Oscar Movies by @HousingWire

Learn to think of a house as a “character in a movie”. Sometimes, a change of perspective can be just what you need to revitalize your real estate business! Check out some of the best of the best homes that have been featured in Oscar-worthy movies. Just how much is that Mrs. Doubtfire house worth, anyway? You know you’re curious…


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