Your time is valuable. Now more than ever, people expect quick answers and fast information. If they don’t get it, they move on. When you consider your real estate business, are you communicating with all of your leads as fast as possible, every single time? You’d like to say yes, but if you are being honest, probably not.

The right CRM can keep you accountable for your time, and even give you time back in your day. Here’s how:


1. To-Do List Takeover

Your CRM keeps an ongoing to-do list for you. We’ve all had those moments in the middle of the night when it hits you… you forgot to do something major. And then you either a) can’t sleep because it’s all you can think about or b) get up and do it. We’ve all been there. However, now you never have to worry about forgetting a task. You can easily view each upcoming deadline for all contracts, as well as past-due tasks, and get reminders about when to complete each one. Sweet dreams. Thanks CRM!


2. You Can Have It All

The real estate industry is notorious for needing agents to work 24/7. And there is a reason for this. Buyers might reach out to you any time of the day or night, and it is important that not a single one of them falls through the cracks. Your CRM allows you to set “working” and “non-working” hours for each member of your team by inputting this into the system. Your agents and lenders can do the same. By doing so, this guarantees that no leads will be sent to anyone during their non-working hours. The system will automatically bypass a non-working agent, and the lead will be routed to the right person.

3. Take Back Your Time Off

Now that you have set your “working” and “non-working” hours in the system, you will be able to use your time off for what it is truly intended for. Having scheduled time off that truly lives up to its name allows you to focus on your family, personal goals, or getting some much needed relaxation. Make sure that work is not intruding on your personal life. Isn’t that what you are working for anyway? So go enjoy an interruption-free dinner with your family, or a Sunday morning round of golf. Your CRM’s got your back, and you can be sure that your leads are in good hands.