Real Estate Agent Team Training Loomlogic real estate agent 3 Steps To Successfully Training Your Real Estate Agents RealEstateAgentTeamTraining Another mistake that is easy for team leaders to make is not providing proper training to your real estate agents. Providing exceptional customer service to your clients begins with a properly trained team, so this should not be overlooked. Here’s what you need to do to make sure your agents are receiving the training they need to succeed.   1. What Agents Need Training On One of the biggest misconceptions new real estate agents have is that once they purchase leads online, everything else will fall into place. Any experienced agent knows that this is not the case, however many have to learn the hard way to find out. Educate them as to how online lead generation works. Teach your agents early on what kind of work goes into nurturing each lead. Speak to them from your own expertise, explaining what has worked and what hasn’t for you. Be honest and open about your journey as an agent and your entire team will benefit. Specifically, agents will need training on lead conversion, including working with scripts and auto-responders. Provide training on any software/online platforms they will be expected to use by teaching them the ins and outs of each program, as well as how to troubleshoot. Go over your team’s marketing strategies, and show each real estate agent how to work within your competitive gambling company’s guidelines.   2. Training Techniques In order to effectively train your agents, you will need to learn what motivates them, and use this to encourage their success. Agents will likely join your team from a variety of places in their career. Newbie Nick from might be just starting out in the business, whereas Seasoned Sam has been a successful solo agent for some time now, but is looking for the benefits of working with a team. Think of each person on your team as a teacher as well as a student. Creating an atmosphere where each real estate agent feels comfortable sharing what works and what doesn’t work for them will strengthen each individual as well as your team as a whole. Also remember that you are constantly training your agents by being an example to them. They will look to you as an example of a seasoned agent, so make sure you are leading by example. Hire people who are willing to work hard and put in the time to improve your team. Bonus points for real estate agents who add to a fun and positive workplace!   3. Why Take The Time To Train Taking the time to properly train your real estate agents is an investment in the strength and power of your team. The real estate inspection company who feel confident in their ability to perform will achieve more than agents who are unsure of how to be effective. Making sure everyone knows what is going to be expected of them leaves no room for excuses down the road. Stay tuned for our next post for more tips on how to set proper expectations for your team. Also, you should continue to provide training for your real estate agents for as long as they are members of your team. Educate them on the current status of the real estate market, teach them how to spot trends, etc. There is always more to learn, and continued training will keep your agents fresh.